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Big Titted Sweet Krissy

Posted on | January 30, 2015 | Comments Off on Big Titted Sweet Krissy

busty babe mirror selfie
Come on Krissy, don’t be such a tease! Show us some more of those big titties! Seems this busty Canadian beauty only goes full nude for her members 🙁 Looks like I might actually have to spend some money on porn for once. If there’s anyone who can get me to break out the wallet it’d be this voluptuous hottie from the great white north. She has amazing juggs and a mouth watering tight ass to boot. Tis a rare combo indeed! If I do join her site, I’m gonna use this coupon from DiscountedPorno. I’m still on the fence so I’ve bookmarked it for later.


Good lord that’s a tremendous derriere. This video is do damn hot it’s just too bad it isn’t longer. I’m not so sure Krissy enjoys being spanked with that spatula looking device (she says “don’t do it so hard” and his response is to hit her even harder haha) but she definitely likes it when he smacks her ass with his hand and squeezes her cheeks then runs his fingers between her legs.. Damn I’m envious of that mofo!

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