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On The Prowl For Double Dicking

Posted on | September 23, 2008 | No Comments

On The Prowl For Double Dicking

“Isn’t getting dirty and fucking a mechanic right there in the garage every woman’s secret fantasy?” asked Houston, who debuted in the January ’07 issue and gets double-teamed and ass-fucked in the DVD MILFs and Mechanics. We don’t know if it’s every woman’s fantasy, but if it’s Houston‘s, that’s good enough for us. Now, guys, take a close look at these pictures. Notice how Houston is the aggressor. She’s in charge. She’s a horny cougar on the prowl for a double dicking. “What was I thinking about while I was taking these pictures?” Houston said. “I was thinking, ‘There’s a cock in my mouth and a cock in my pussy, and aren’t I the dirtiest slut in the world?'” No, not the dirtiest slut in the world. Just a horny 40Something who’s doing things most women her age wouldn’t even think about doing. “And that means there’s more cock for me, right?” she said. First she sucks one cock, than she sucks the other cock. Then both cocks explode cum all over her face and tits. The sticky man-goop drips down her chest as she spreads her pussy, hoping there’s another hard cock in the vicinity. And if there isn’t… “Well, then I’ll just have to, I’ll suck ’em back to hardness.” Spoken like a woman who truly knows what she wants.

On The Prowl For Double Dicking



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