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Top Heavy Fuck-Toy

Posted on | September 23, 2008 | No Comments

Top Heavy Fuck-Toy

Ava is 5’1″, 115 pounds and measures 40-29-35. She is a real-life college student who donated her body for this scene from the DVD Chubby Twats. She did this one video and then she moved on to other things. “A friend picked up a copy of Voluptuous at the open-all-night store and showed it to me. I liked most everything about it and thought I’d give modeling a try. I think I have a pretty good body and my tits are pretty big. I like to dress up like a whore and be fucked and spanked. I’m very submissive and I cum hardest from being eaten out. In my first sexual experience, I let him put it in me, but not cum. I’d been dating that guy for six months. The oldest guy I’ve been with was a 45 year-old married man. He fucked me in my dorm room and kept his shirt and tie on. I like young guys, but I also like older married guys in their 30s and 40s, with salt & pepper hair. I think it’s a power thing. Guys who wear suits and wedding rings turn me on.”

Top Heavy Fuck-Toy



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