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Too Sexy & Cute For Her Underwear

Posted on | September 23, 2008 | No Comments

Too Sexy & Cute For Her Underwear

The first time Brandy saw one of our magazines, she was in an adult bookstore. She went with her friend. Brandy said that adult bookstores in Ohio are full of truck drivers and they all looked at her. They were staring at Brandy and her friend and followed them through the aisles. “Like, we’d be in one aisle, and they’d follow us,” Brandy remembered. “Then we’d go into another aisle, and they’d follow us into that aisle. We’d move, then they’d move. It kinda went like that for a while.” Brandy wore jeans and a tank-top over a bra.
No wonder they followed her. In a porn store, no less! That’s the dream of every guy. To meet hot chicks in a porn book shop. Because we automatically think that if a girl goes to adult stores, she must be heavy into sex. Sometimes it’s tough to be a man…

Too Sexy & Cute For Her Underwear



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