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Rolling In The Hay With Reno Lynn

Posted on | September 23, 2008 | No Comments

Rolling In The Hay With Reno Lynn

Reno Lynn is a former winner of the famous Miss Nude Tennessee/Kentucky contest. No surprise. She has a body meant for awards and honors as well as for your load of man-goo. She’s not only sexy, she’s cute in that fresh, girl-next-door way, which many of you appreciate. In this SCORE Video, Reno poses in the hay for a photo shoot, then has a slight change of costume for a masturbation session. We’ve included some clips of Reno talking to the director of her video. What is it about stripping and modeling that turns Reno on? “I like the recognition,” said Reno, a former Hooters waitress. “I like attention. I love men. I like the glam outfits and the role-playing. I love being able to go nude in front of strangers. I want them to enjoy my body. I like to make men laugh. In clubs, I like to talk to them at stage-side when they’re watching me dance.” In her SCORE Video, Reno gets totally naked and once she has given us an eyefull of her beautiful body, she rubs her big vibrating massage unit all over her clit, pussy lips and nipples. Now warmed and tingly from the buzzing head and the sonic vibrations, Reno shows us what she likes to do with her fingers. She massages her pussy lips while dipping one finger in and out, rubbing her clitty. Reno has a deep-body orgasm that make her shudder and shake. As it subsides, she licks her finger, tasting her sweet, musky pussy juice. She sure looks finger-lickin’ good too.

Rolling In The Hay With Reno Lynn



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