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Heavy Italian Jugs

Posted on | September 23, 2008 | No Comments

Heavy Italian Jugs

Anna says that she can’t go anywhere without her tits attracting a lot of attention. You knew that, of course. Anna just likes repeating it. Going out means coming home with her ass bruised from all the pinches and gooses her butt receives. “Guys make comments about my big tits and my big bottom. I was at the airport a few years ago and a young Italian man grabbed my shoulder. He spun me around to look at my behind. Then he said to his friend, ‘Look, this girl has a beautiful ass!’ I was shocked…but I liked it!” Anna likes to watch porn videos at home. If she’s alone with a DVD running, she’ll play with her pussy, tits and ass. If she’s watching with a friend, she’ll want to fuck. “My favorite style is doggie style,” Anna says in her charming Italian accent that you can hear in a 25 minute Voluptuous Theater video and in a brief interview on SCOREtv episode 5. “That makes me so…so hot. It makes me cum really good.” We hope to encounter Anna Carlene again. She’s got the right stuff.

Heavy Italian Jugs



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